Bring HEAL to your Special Event

Awareness & Inspiration

Screenings are a great way to build mainstream awareness and consideration of self-healing and to start a dialogue on how our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have an enormous impact on our health and ability to heal.

HEAL inspires and empowers leaving viewers motivated to take charge of their health, appreciate the miraculous nature of the human body and the amazing healer within us all.

HEAL is Not Rated (Treat as PG) and can be screened in a plethora of locations:

  • Movie theaters and Performing Arts Centers
  • Corporate events
  • Naturopathy Centers
  • Holistic conferences and events
  • Public libraries, high school, colleges, universities, museums and Yoga studios
  • Outdoor screening events

Spread the word

Join us as we bring HEAL to cities and towns across North America. Before you contact us, please have an idea of location, size, and scope of the screening. The HEAL team will work with you and your organization to coordinate your event. Also, consider whether your event is large enough to benefit from a visit from our director. Screening quotes will be based on this information.